The Fireweed Farm

Welcome to Fireweed Farm Alpacas – now a “virtual” alpaca farm!

Fireweed Farm Alpacas, owned and operated by Teri Phipps and Dave Schieferstein, is one of the older alpaca breeders in the U.S. They’ve experienced, or helped spearhead, many of the seminal events in the founding of the North American alpaca industry, such as the refinement of the first generation of alpaca educational clinics, the establishment of the Alpaca Registry as a stand-alone entity, the founding of the Alpaca Research Foundation and the creation of the Registry’s importation screening program. Over twenty years later, Fireweed Farm Alpacas, Teri and Dave continue to evolve and re-invent themselves and their alpaca business.

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  • See Teri’s new foray in the ALPACA FIBER ARTS!
  • Discover Teri’s and Dave’s favorite city -- Asheville, North Carolina -- and stay in their VACATION RENTAL HOME.